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Rebecca Yates

An introduction

Born in country NSW Australia, my early learning was with the bush, and in particular my love of crystals, stones, and gems. This introduction came by way of my grandmother and it became a passion of mine that lead to crystal healing and creating a crystal gallery in Victoria. I moved to the city and my passion grew with dance, where I made a career of it, with The Australian Ballet. Once I had danced to my heart’s content, I realised a passion growing in me for something else. I started to learn healing modalities and then developed my psychic abilities, which came extremely easily for me, naturally, one could say.

It wasn’t long before I had created a life long journey with healing and the cocreating of transformation in people’s lives. This was my calling and I have been involved with people’s health and healing, together with their Inner Child now, for over 20 years.

Rebecca Yates

Transform your Life through Self Love and Healing

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