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Everyone’s experience here on the planet is so different. So, one way of healing does not suit all. I work directly with the subconscious mind, Inner Child, and/or Higher Self to create the necessary change for people to experience the best that they can from their lives.

Be it emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, or relationships, we create from the blueprint that is our time line, this lifetime or others, and from our DNA on our ancestry line. When we can locate the reason why, we can let go of old habitual patterns that lead us away from our authentic life.

There is no one true way to heal except through the heart. Self love is one of the key factors in transformation and change.

Let’s get to it – Sessions

Sessions are designed by “you”. You are the healer and I am merely the detective, and the conductor of bringing in the energy that is needed. This empowers the individual to find their own authentic truth through the understanding provided by the Inner Child and Higher Self.

I work with Archangels, Ascended masters, pure plant healing, and core beliefs to help incite change. This work is far reaching and life changing.

Session format

In person, via Skype, FaceTime, audio, or remote are all options. I can facilitate the healing process in all of these circumstances.

Currently, I am working from Brisbane, Queensland. I have many overseas and interstate clients. Energy reaches everywhere.

Adult sessions 60 minutes $190

Children 0-16 30 minutes. $80


We are all here to learn. We are here to learn our joy, our harmony, and our love is who we are at the very core of ourselves.

Whether you have gone through trauma, have fears and phobias, have forgotten your joy, find it hard to move on, stuck in relationships that don’t serve you, have difficulty falling pregnant, have a child that won't sleep, parent that has dominated you, or just even want to know more of who you are; you have all these answers right inside you.

I’m here to assist you to Realise, Realign and Renew. You are capable of endless potential. Let’s find it together

Sessions Types

Can't find a time that suits? Like to purchase a voucher?

60 Minute In Person Session

Find guidance and support with Mother Mary healing, and with the combination of your Higher Self and Inner Child, we see the development of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual upgrade which is your birthright.

Our humanness helps our spiritual connection to grow. There is no fault, only learning, as we get to know how we are uniquely connected to our bodies and to our world.

Ultimately, the more we love, the more we can enjoy.

30 Minute Child Session

The journey for your child is a great resilient task indeed. In a world where the mind is developed over the heart consciousness, in western society, we see a need for our highly evolved children to find a belonging and sense of their radiant self in a fragile yet beautiful world.

These sessions are fun and very revealing for parents. Can be done remotely with the Higher Self and Inner Child, or in person.

How is the remote session possible? I am guided by your Child’s own unique blue print, that is their higher Self and Inner Child. This energetic connection is the same as if they are with me. All I need is their name. We can discuss if you require to speak to me before and after their session.

These sessions are very revealing and the “one on one” sessions are playful and have direct connection in a compassionate and considered environment. Parents usually find they are inspired to take care of their own Inner Child once they’ve experienced these sessions.

I work with babies right through to 16 year olds. After 16 they are considered adults and will require permission from the person themselves. Please note: the only exception is through extreme disability or where the child is not able to be reached mentally.

I have great success with all ages, and transformation has been apparent within the sessions themselves.

Working with children is one of the greatest delights on this planet. I welcome every inch of healing for our beautiful leaders of the future.

Please contact me to book a session.

60 Minute Skype or Phone Session

This session is much like the one on one in person sessions. We connect to find our intent. Introduce an understanding of the work, set a healing space in your environment for “safe healing” and then start with connection to inner Child and Higher Self. We will discover what creates the reality you are holding and adjust it to suit a more positive way.

Awareness, consciousness, understanding and compassion, we all benefit from balance in these areas of our life.

Transform your Life through Self Love and Healing

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