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Thanks for today it was wonderful I feel stronger and more love for myself already.

Hi Rebecca, thinking of you and wanted to thank you for your lovely healing qualities to heal me deal with the road ahead.

Thanks Rebecca, I feel so much better, lighter and calmer. All the aches and pains have gone from my body. I'm so calm. The polar opposite from when I came to see you.

Oh thank you, you are so amazing!!! I cannot thank you enough...dad is so much lighter and now mum...and me!!! I am so grateful to have you help us.

Thank you Bec, the interview went well and you were the most helpful in my preparation. As my brother says, thank goodness we have Bec in our lives!!!

I had a healthy beautiful baby boy on the 31st July, and I wanted to say thank you very much for the part you played in helping bring about my miracle. I just adore him and feel so blessed.

I literally feel different, like I have more space. I can't explain it! Thank you!!!!

Hi Bec - thank you again, I am feeling so different today. It's like the pressure has gone from my forehead and those weird dread from my chest that stops me from actioning work. I am getting through things so dynamically and feel really different. Amazing stuff!

The meeting went really well. Not quite what I had expected but what i needed. I felt such a beautiful sense of joy the whole day and next. Thank you.

Thanks Bec, I felt like I floated out of there.

Just to put it mildly, you have changed my life! Thank you (doesn't seem enough), I am forever grateful!

Thank you Bec. I feel different in a good way.

You are the holy grail of healers so I'm told. I got to talking to someone about you and her jaw dropped because she heard of you and her healer sees you. So you're the healer of all healers.

Rebecca is a beautiful intuitive healer who has the depth and insight that I have never experience in any previous healing work. She has an exquisite way of diving into her vast toolbox of gifts to bring out whatever is required for your healing process at that point in time. Her healing takes you to the deepest part of yourself, where she effortlessly goes about clearing the cobwebs of your soul. It is an absolute joy to work with her.

Debbie Paterson

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